Mur PC 1502A (warm white color of light)

Murpc 1522067423
Product available
Code 1502A
Colours gray
Materials body - termoplastic; diffuser - polycarbonate
IP 44
Height 7 cm
Width 16,0 cm
Depth 3 cm
Source of light 20 x LED, 2 W, 230 V
Luminous flux 220 lm
Colour of light 6000 K

  Energy label 3000K  

  Energy label 6000K  


  Safety Instructions / Warranty

  User manual

  Declaration of conformity

MUR PC 1502A  is an external surface-mounted luminaire in gray.

The lamp has an integrated LED light source. 

Perfect for illuminating the walls of buildings, fences, as well as passageways and stairs.

Light color - warm white.

71.34 PLN
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