Mounted on the facades of buildings, fences and other architectural elements.

Selection - classic or modern - depends on the nature and function of the object.


Hanging luminaires in a traditional style, available in many different designs and in several colors. Mounted on a chain, they are great in spaces with high ceilings, lighting and decorating the porch.

Ceiling LAMPS

Lamps of different size and shape fixed directly to the ceiling. Surface mounted, spot luminaires as well as round and square ceilings will be used on roofed terraces and balconies.


Modern garden bollards and elegant retro lamps are a great complement to the external lighting of the house. They will provide additional light deep in the garden and on the access road to the property. In public space they will illuminate sidewalks and paths in parks.

Garden ball lamps

A popular solution for decorative lighting of a garden or terrace. Balls in white-milk color from high quality materials. They look great chosen in different sizes and placed close to each other.


High traditional garden and park standing lamps with adjustable height, as well as modern post-top luminaires with built-in LED light source. Lighting of large spaces, parking lots, alleys or pedestrian areas.

Ground recessed lights

Recessed lighting in the ground, both hardened and in the previously prepared place on the lawn. Stainless steel and tempered glass used in the lamps allows them to walk on and drive a car. Perfect for the driveway and to highlight bushes and trees in the garden.

Recessed wall lights

Most often used as stair lighting, but they are also great on all types of walls or fences. Recessed wall lamps require an appropriate size of the facade opening.

Reflector lamps

Outdoor reflector lamps embedded into the ground, attached to the ground or building facade. They are used to highlight plants and architectural elements. In order to illuminate a larger part of the area lights may be connected in series.

About company

We are a manufacturer of outdoor lighting, including garden lamps. 

All our products are made exclusively of aluminum alloys and stainless steel.

Products made of aluminum alloys are covered with high-quality protective coatings (polyester powder paints), which makes them resistant to weather conditions. All our products have certificates of conformity with the relevant European standards and are covered by a 3-year warranty. 

We provide fast delivery of orders. Every question directed to us will not remain unanswered.

Our entire range of garden lighting can also be viewed and purchased in our store in Krakow.

Which garden lighting to choose?

An important premise to choose the type of lighting is:

- the function we intend it to fulfill
- adjustment to the character of architecture and the surrounding of the object that we illuminate

An important element is also the choice of power and color of light - from cold through neutral to warm

A wide range of our products provides the possibility of any arrangement of home and garden lighting.

Knowing your requirements, we will help you choose the right lighting.