Telma 6355 4 1532603511
Telma 6355
57.00 PLN
71.34 PLN
363 1 1516093793
Eggo 6160
276.00 PLN
324.72 PLN
371 1 1516094666
Drop Solar P9013
198.01 PLN
299.40 PLN
Ghost Solar 1554117800
Ghost Solar P9014
199.00 PLN
226.30 PLN
373 1 1516094873
Tilly Solar P9012
258.00 PLN
398.50 PLN
Vic 1553086889
Vic Solar SL-08P
82.94 PLN
97.50 PLN
9001 1524473408
Adela 9001 DG
99.90 PLN
149.81 PLN
Boat2 1526294400
Boat LS-LT-3A
208.00 PLN
297.66 PLN
8001 Dg 1551707028
196.80 PLN
Adela 8002 Dg 1551707019
Adela 8002 DG
156.46 PLN
Adela 8003 Dg 1551707029
Adela 8003 DG
137.76 PLN
6255 Cama 1522065622
895.44 PLN
Evo33 1522844892
Evo GL15401
193.11 PLN
Evo22 1522844821
EVO GL15402
249.69 PLN
Evo11 1522844869
EVO GL15403
337.02 PLN
Kinkiet2 1522844899
EVO GL15404
186.96 PLN
17601 1524742549
Fler 17601 DG
196.80 PLN
17602 580 Bb 1524742550
Fler 17602-580 DG
228.78 PLN
17602 780b 1524742548
Fler 17602-780 DG
244.77 PLN
Linea 1522154373
Linea 16702-600
526.44 PLN
20299 1522911504
Mur-Led M2029
97.17 PLN
Murpodl 1521552326
Mur-Led Inox C-04
83.64 PLN
Murkwadrat 1521552364
Mur-Led Inox D-04
83.64 PLN
20311 1522911522
Mur-led M2031
108.24 PLN
1503 Smaller 1551693659
Oli M1503
88.56 PLN
M1932 500 1551692371
Porto M1932-500
259.53 PLN
M1976 1551692710
Porto M1976
157.44 PLN
1 1554361778
Rondo 1062-1050
526.44 PLN
3 1554361777
Rondo 1062-450
473.55 PLN
2 1554361774
Rondo 1062-710
498.15 PLN
Slim4 1523523475
Slim M1016 BL
142.68 PLN
About company

We are a manufacturer of outdoor lighting, including garden lamps. 

All our products are made exclusively of aluminum alloys and stainless steel.

Products made of aluminum alloys are covered with high-quality protective coatings (polyester powder paints), which makes them resistant to weather conditions. All our products have certificates of conformity with the relevant European standards and are covered by a 3-year warranty. 

We provide fast delivery of orders. Every question directed to us will not remain unanswered.

Our entire range of garden lighting can also be viewed and purchased in our store in Krakow.



Mounted on the facades of buildings, fences and other architectural elements.

Selection - classic or modern - depends on the nature and function of the object.


Fixed to the ceilings of terraces and balconies as well as to the "soffit" roofs.

The offer includes classic lamps hanging on a chain, as well as modern ones mounted directly.


Fixed to the ground:
- in green areas (lawns, gardens, parks) - we require to use of concrete foundation, to which the base of the lamp is fixed.
- in hard surfaces (paving slabs, flagstones, stairs, stone or wooden platforms, etc.) mount the lamps without the use of foundations. We offer lamps for small architecture as well as park luminaires.

Recessed/surface wall lamps

- recessed wall lamps require a proper size of the hole made in the façade. The lighting surface of the lamp does not protrude beyond the wall.
- surface wall lamps are mounted directly in the facade.

Application: lighting of stairs, walls, sidewalks etc.


Installation in green area - directly digging the lamp into the ground; 

in hard surfaces - the lamps are put into holes made for a given size of the body. 

Tempered glass protects the lamp against damage caused by heavy loads (cars). Ground recessed lights are used to illuminate vegetation and architectural elements.


Solar powered, usually have twilight and motion sensors. 

The lighting time depends on the size of the solar panel, the power of the lamp and the degree of insolation of the place where the lamp is installed.

Which garden lighting to choose?

An important premise to choose the type of lighting is:

- the function we intend it to fulfill
- adjustment to the character of architecture and the surrounding of the object that we illuminate

An important element is also the choice of power and color of light - from cold through neutral to warm

A wide range of our products provides the possibility of any arrangement of home and garden lighting.

Knowing your requirements, we will help you choose the right lighting.