Reflector lamps

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Outdoor floodlights and their applications.

We can use outdoor floodlights in many places in our garden and around the house. This type of lighting is perfect for illuminating landscape elements such as shrubs, trees, water features, as well as paths and driveways to the property. By installing a LED floodlight with motion sensor, for example, above the garage or entrance to the house, we ensure safety and save on electricity because the lamp only lights up when needed. Small garden floodlights can also be used to illuminate facades or architectural elements on them. When is it worth opting for a LED floodlight with a motion sensor?

Motion sensor floodlights are becoming increasingly popular on the market because they have many applications and also due to their efficiency. The motion sensor activates the outdoor floodlight when someone's presence is detected nearby. Motion and dusk sensors have different settings, such as detection distance and lighting time after motion detection. This type of outdoor floodlight will turn on the light, for example, when we drive our car into the garage, providing us with adequate visibility.

What types of lamps will we find in the outdoor floodlights category?

In our offer, we have both outdoor floodlights mounted on the building wall, equipped with motion and dusk sensors, as well as small outdoor floodlights that we can mount anywhere in the garden. If we want to illuminate vegetation and connect the lighting in a simple way, we can choose the stake-mounted outdoor floodlight Prit. It is a very easy-to-install lamp that has two glands for ground wires, making it easy to connect them in parallel.

Outdoor floodlights must be durable.

All outdoor lamps must be made of high-quality materials to withstand the harsh conditions in the garden. Most of our lamps are made of aluminum, which is painted with weather-resistant powder coating. Plastic materials can also be used for the production of outdoor floodlights, as in the case of the Prit stake-mounted luminaire. It is also important to protect outdoor floodlights from water and dust entering their interior, so you should look for floodlights with an IP rating of at least 44 or higher.