Wall lamps

7001 Al 2 1532007428
Adela 7001 AL
226.32 PLN
7001 Bl 1532004574
Adela 7001 BL
226.32 PLN
Adela 7002 Al 1532335671
Adela 7002 AL
184.50 PLN
Adela 7002 Bl 1532336212
Adela 7002 BL
184.50 PLN
8001 Al 1532338332
277.98 PLN
8001 Bl 1532338340
Adela 8001 BL
277.98 PLN
8001 Dg 1551707028
277.98 PLN
Adela 8002 Al 1532331457
216.48 PLN
Adela 8002 Bl 1532002841
Adela 8002 BL
216.48 PLN
Adela 8002 Dg 1551707019
Adela 8002 DG
216.48 PLN
90013 1652342919
Adela 9001 DG
132.84 PLN
Kinkiet 1522847398
Adela Midi M1456 DG
138.99 PLN
Kinkiet2 1522847421
Adela Midi M1457 DG
159.90 PLN
Kinkietkw 1522847487
Adela Midi M1459 DG
153.75 PLN
Kinkietkw2 1522847497
Adela Midi M1460 DG
174.66 PLN
Ar K100 1701165063
Arma AR-K100
236.16 PLN
Boat1 1526294393
Boat LS-LT-3A
164.82 PLN
Cadiz K 30121z 1529413611
CADIZ K 3012/1/Z
226.32 PLN
Kinkietal 1524577507
CITY 1836 AL
174.66 PLN
Kinkietbl 1524577492
CITY 1836 BL
174.66 PLN

Facade lamps, applications.

Facade lamps are fixtures designed to illuminate spaces around the home or building such as the terrace, balcony, front doors, or garage entrance. Exterior wall lamps can also be used on fences, at entrances or driveways, and in garden gazebos. External sconces are also a great way to highlight architectural elements of the building facade. Depending on the application, we can choose different types of wall lamps. Sconces for the terrace or balcony often need to illuminate a larger area without dazzling those present, while when illuminating the facade, a directional lamp with a narrow beam angle is often chosen. In addition to their primary function of providing light, classic sconces will also serve a decorative role.

Exterior wall lamps, types

The appropriate selection of facade lamps will determine the final visual and practical effect. Initially, we can choose the style of sconces that will fit the building and surroundings, whether they are classic, traditional, or modern LED facade lamps. A retro exterior sconce with frosted glass or stylish wall lamps with decorated glass or a globe in an elegant basket. All of these fixtures will add style and enhance the walls of your homes. Another good idea is to choose a facade lamp with adjustable light source inclination, which will allow for more precise lighting of the designated area. We can opt for modern sconces with built-in LED diodes, which will provide long-lasting joy from the emitted light and help save on electricity bills. Traditional fixtures for various bulb types are also available, allowing us to decide on the best power and light color for a given location.

Facade lamps, installation method.

Depending on the mounting method, we can distinguish two types of facade lamps. The first are fixtures directly mounted on the facade, meaning the entire back of the lamp adheres to the wall, while the second type are external sconces on an arm or bracket, making them easier to install in tight, hard-to-reach places. In most cases, the installation of classic sconces involves screwing the mounting kit to the wall and then attaching the entire lamp to it. All of the facade lamps offered by us come with installation instructions available on the product page.