Ceiling lamps

7003 Al 1532339450
Adela 7003 AL
153.75 PLN
7003 Bl 1532339438
Adela 7003 BL
153.75 PLN
7004dg 1588940769
Adela 7004 DG
153.75 PLN
Adela 8003 Al 1532332516
Adela 8003 AL
195.57 PLN
Adela 8003 Bl 1532332503
Adela 8003 BL
195.57 PLN
Adela 8003 Dg 1551707029
Adela 8003 DG
195.57 PLN
Sufit 1522847306
Adela Midi M1455 DG
121.77 PLN
Sufitkw 1522847459
Adela Midi M1458 DG
138.99 PLN
Bn Kw200 1703066216
Beni BN-KW200
257.07 PLN
Bn Ok200 1703066357
Beni BN-OK200
236.16 PLN
Cube Cb S Al 1533200049
Cube CB-S AL
143.91 PLN
Cube Cb S Bl 1533130576
Cube CB-S BL
143.91 PLN
Cube Cb S Dg 1533200267
Cube CB-S DG
143.91 PLN
Cube Max S Al 1533282227
Cube Max CB-MAX S AL
163.59 PLN
Cube Max S Bl 1533284389
Cube Max CB-MAX S BL
163.59 PLN
Cube Max S Dg 1533278905
Cube Max CB-MAX S DG
163.59 PLN
Nexal 1524558457
Nex 91022-AL
215.25 PLN
Nexbl 1524558445
Nex 91022-BL
215.25 PLN
Plafonpszp 1528196194
Retro Classic K 3012/P SZ
132.84 PLN

Outdoor ceiling light instead of pendant lamp.

Ceiling-mounted lighting is a good option instead of pendant lamps due to its small size. Because the lamp closely adheres to the surface, it can be used in areas with lower ceilings. Additionally, the fact that the outdoor ceiling lamp is securely fixed allows us to install it in open spaces exposed to gusts of wind, where hanging lamps could be damaged. A ceiling-mounted lamp on the terrace is a great complement to sconces or various types of wall lighting.

Outdoor plafond or surface-mounted tubes?

There are both spotlights in the form of tubes or rectangles available, which will work perfectly in public spaces, at building entrances, but also find applications in the entrance hall of the house or in the dining area on the terrace. You can also opt for the purchase of modern outdoor flush mounts, characterized by a wide milk-white shade or classic retro-style lamps with frosted glass. If you intend to go for simplicity and modernity, an excellent choice would be to select outdoor ceiling lamps from the Cube and Cube Max series, available in three different color versions with a satin-finished shade.

Ceiling-mounted lamp on the terracea

Very often, during the construction of a house, we decide to cover the terrace mainly to shield this space from rain or sun. In the case of large, covered terraces, wall lighting is often insufficient, and additional light points need to be added to the ceiling. In such situations, outdoor ceiling lamps or flush mounts work best. The choice will depend on individual preferences, but it is worth paying attention to the difference between these types of ceiling lamps. An outdoor flush mount on the terrace is usually narrower and protrudes less from the surface to which it will be attached; it may also be equipped with more than one light source.

Outdoor ceiling lamps

Ceiling lamps can be used in both large spaces and narrow passages. Stylish yet practical outdoor ceiling lamps. There is a wide range of outdoor ceiling lamps available, from different styles to different functions, regardless of what suits your needs. Traditional and modern outdoor ceiling lamps that perfectly complement your decor.