Garden ball lamps

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Garden ball lamps – highest quality materials.

Garden ball lamps are a category of lighting fixtures equipped with round shades made of highly resistant material such as acrylic glass, often referred to as PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate). In the case of garden ball lamps, which are exposed to various adverse weather conditions, this is significant; this material has very high resistance to UV radiation and high temperatures. UV radiation often causes synthetic materials to change their original color, fade, or turn yellow. Thanks to the use of acrylic glass, white garden ball lamps will remain the same even after many years of use.

LED garden ball lamps – types.

In our offer, there are fixtures with both white and transparent-smoked shades. Most often, when we hear about garden ball lamps or LED garden ball lamps, we mean a white glowing shade mounted close to the ground or several such shades in different sizes arranged nearby. This is often a preferred option, and in our offer, such fixtures can be found under the name 'Alekule.' We mount lamps like garden ball lamps on a previously prepared ground foundation or a piece of concrete so that the lamp does not have direct contact with the ground. Of course, we can also attach them to existing surfaces such as paving stones or sidewalk slabs. In addition to this, our offer includes garden ball lamps in many different categories such as wall-mounted lamps, floor lamps, and pendant lamps.

Where to use electric garden ball lamps?

We can use garden ball lamp fixtures in most garden arrangements and around the house. By mounting fixtures close to the ground, we illuminate vegetation or further corners of the garden, creating a pleasant atmosphere. Along paths or driveways, we can use standing LED garden ball lamps, which come in many different sizes in our offer, from 50-centimeter posts to even three-meter-high lanterns. On the terrace, around the building, and also at the entrance to the house, we can use one of the many types of wall-mounted lamps or pendant lamps. It can be a ball on a light, simple arm made of plastic, or a large garden ball lamp on a decorative aluminum post. When opting for illuminated garden ball lamps, it is necessary to prepare the placement of underground cables in the appropriate places in the ground and on the house facade beforehand. All our electric garden ball lamps must be powered by a voltage of 230V.

How much light will LED garden ball lamps provide?

The power, color, and amount of light all depend on the bulb we use in the fixture. Of course, we recommend using energy-efficient LED bulbs, of which there is currently a vast selection. By choosing bulbs, we decide whether we prefer warm light or opt for a more neutral one. When choosing a white shade, remember that it will slightly dim the light and lower the final lumen value in the bulb used. How brightly lamps shine, especially ones like garden ball lamps, also depends on the size of their shade. In our offer, there are shades with diameters ranging from 20 to even 50 cm. When opting for the largest glowing garden ball lamps, we must use a much stronger bulb than with the smallest ones. However, it all depends on individual preferences, and everyone can use the light source that suits them.