Recessed wall lights

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Recessed lamps often referred to as LED stair lighting

Recessed lights, often referred to as LED stair lighting, have a variety of applications in modern construction. We most commonly install them in the lower part of building facades, on various types of walls and fences, and increasingly use them as LED stair lighting. Stair lights, external recessed fixtures, etc., require prior preparation of the facade, which can sometimes be laborious, but once installed, they take up little space on the wall and blend in perfectly with the surroundings.

Which stair lights to choose?

The choice of lighting largely depends on how much space we have and what the stairs are made of. In our offer, you can find several models of stair lights in different shapes and sizes. Stair lights require installation in a previously prepared location for the mounting box, and only then are the remaining elements of the lamp screwed to it. External recessed lights are characterized by a high IP rating and high-quality materials from which they are made; in the case of our lamps, it is stainless steel and aluminum castings.

External recessed light - installation.

To install LED stair lighting, you should first familiarize yourself with the instructions included with each lamp; it contains information about the dimensions of the mounting box used in a particular model. In the place where we want to install the stair light, we need to prepare a suitable opening to accommodate the box along with the cable that will power the lamp. Once we have placed the box in the wall, we can connect the stair lighting to the power supply and then screw it to the box. As you can see, it is not complicated, but it is important to plan the installation location and the dimensions of the openings in the facade well.

What should be the power of an external recessed fixture?

This often depends on where we want to install such lamps. Stair lights are not meant to illuminate the entire staircase but rather to illuminate only the steps and the space in the immediate vicinity; in such cases, high power is not needed. Recessed lights differ in finish; some shine through a matte shade straight ahead, while others have the light source directed downwards or slightly angled. If we want the recessed fixture used outdoors to illuminate the wall of the house or elements of the fence on the property, we will probably opt for the latter option.