Hanging lamps

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Hanging garden lamps, applications

Outdoor hanging lamps are a great solution to illuminate a terrace or patio as a complement to wall lamps. If you have a high ceiling, the main advantage of such lighting is the ability to place the light source at the right height to adjust it to the desired conditions. A hanging lamp is also a good solution for a veranda, with traditional styles featuring various interesting patterns, catching the attention of guests visiting your property. When choosing the right terrace hanging lamps, plan the length of the chain you need, and consequently, how low your lamp will hang. All our hanging garden lamps can be adjusted in chain length to individual needs.

Terrace hanging lamps and garden hanging lamps for the gazebo

In the case of large, covered terraces, facade lighting alone is not enough to illuminate the entire space. It's worth considering installing an outdoor hanging lamp on the terrace, which will work perfectly above the table where outdoor meals are served. In garden gazebos, if there is only the possibility of attaching a hanging garden lamp to the ceiling or a part of the structure, it's an excellent solution to illuminate the arranged space, whether it's for relaxation or dining.

Retro hanging lamp, or perhaps stained glass lamps.

In our range of hanging garden lamps, there are several different models in a classic rustic style. Some have sandblasted glass shades, others have polycarbonate milk-white shades, and you can also find stained glass hanging lamps and entire series of retro hanging lamps. All outdoor hanging lamps in our offer are available in black, but there is also the possibility of covering the lamps with patina in five different colors. The variety of color options allows you to match the chosen model to the character and design of your home. The patina patterns can be seen in the photo gallery on the product page. Retro hanging lamps comprise several series of lamps differing in the size of the basket and the canopy, and there are also different applications for such fixtures. Smaller models can be used as terrace hanging lamps, while the largest ones can confidently be used in public spaces to illuminate passages or corridors between buildings. Stained glass hanging lamps are decorative fixtures that will work perfectly in gazebos on terraces in rustic-style homes.