Alekule G 400 Z

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Product available
Code G 400 Z
Main color white
Diffusers G 400 OP - white
Body material plastic
Diffuser material acrylic glass (PMMA)
IP 44
Height 42,0 cm
Diameter 40,0 cm
Light source/socket E27 bulb
Power 1 x max 100W
Voltage 230V


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The fixture, with a considerable size (40 cm diameter), is made of acrylic glass (PMMA) for the shade and a polycarbonate base, ensuring resistance to damage and adverse weather conditions. This lamp will excel in illuminating parking lots, pathways, and green areas around our company, restaurant, hotel, or home, providing very comfortable movement in the evening.

The fixture blends beautifully in natural surroundings such as lawns, gardens, and areas constructed with wood, stone, ceramic, or cobblestone. The use of a replaceable light source (not included), mounted on an E27 socket (max. 100 W), allows for a wide range of traditional, halogen, and modern, energy-efficient LED bulbs, giving us the flexibility to adjust the power and light color to our preferences. In this size, the shade is available in a milky color, which evenly diffuses the light, making it soft and pleasant to the eye.

There are two different finishes:
1. flat lampshade base for mounting on a hardened surface or on a concrete foundation
2. lampshade base with an additional spike for installation in the ground (additional charge: PLN 35.67)


When installing this lamp in an unpaved area, such as a lawn, we recommend using a driven spike or choosing

-fundamentu dużego

257.07 PLN
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