Mix 5725 C

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Code 5725 C
Information permissible static load up to 1 ton, dynamic at a speed of 15 km/h - 1.5 tons
Main color silver
Body material aluminum and stainless steel
Diffuser material tempered glass
IP 67
Height 17,5 cm
Diameter 15,0 cm
Light source/socket GU10 bulb
Power 1 x max 50W
Voltage 230V
Colour of light: dependent on the bulb


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MIX 5725C is an in-ground luminaire designed for installation on hard surfaces such as cobblestones, concrete, wood, ceramic tiles, stone, and, with proper ground preparation (see instructions), directly in the soil.

In-ground luminaires are often used to illuminate specific areas around homes or businesses such as stairs, paths, terraces, parking lots, driveways, and in gardens, beautifully highlighting plants, rock gardens, walkways, and effectively showcasing architectural elements of the surroundings.

The MIX 5725C in-ground lamp features an adjustable light source angle of 23 degrees.

The light source for the fixture is a GU10 bulb (not included), allowing you to customize the power and color of the light to your needs by using traditional halogen or modern LED bulbs.

The materials used in its construction (stainless steel, tempered glass, aluminum, polycarbonate) are characterized by a permissible static load of up to 1 ton and a dynamic load at a speed of 15 km/h up to 1.5 tons.

The high protection rating of IP67 ensures high resistance to changing weather conditions.

It is available in two versions, round 5725C and square 6725D.

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