Post lamps

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Where and how we install standing garden lamps

Outdoor standing lamps are an ideal solution for illuminating spaces around homes, gardens, as well as public areas, paths, or park alleys. Post garden lamps can be mounted on various types of surfaces; it's important that the area under the lamp is compacted. If we want to place the lamp directly on the lawn, we can use prefabricated foundations that we embed in the ground at the mounting location. When choosing foundations, pay attention to their top diameter, which should be larger than the lamp's base size.

Bollard-type garden lamps

The choice between a modern or classic model will depend on the specifics of the location where the fixtures will be placed.

Modern standing lamps are primarily lighting posts of various shapes, colors, and heights made of high-quality materials. Many models of modern fixtures are equipped with built-in LED light sources, meaning that the diodes are permanently placed in the lamp and do not need to be replaced. LED diodes provide long life and energy efficiency, and their compact size allows us to design modern freestanding lamps of various sizes and shapes, which traditional bulb fixtures cannot accommodate.

Classic high standing and pedestal garden lamps

Classic freestanding garden lamps can serve both practical and decorative purposes. The multitude of different designs, as well as the fact that each lamp can be covered with patina in five different colors, allows for choosing fixtures for many garden or park arrangements. In our offer, you will find both low lamps on a pedestal and tall post garden lamps at about 160 cm, and if that's not enough, you can opt for the garden lanterns available in our offer, whose height can be adjusted up to three meters.

Post lamps: electric or solar

Most customers choose electric lamps due to the much wider selection of this type of lighting fixtures. Having electrical wires distributed in the garden, it is also a good idea to install a pillar-type garden lamp with a socket. You can connect various devices to it, such as a lawnmower, vacuum cleaner, or pressure washer. Solar poles can be installed anywhere, but often the limitation is the smaller selection of this type of lighting.

When choosing standing garden lamps, pay attention to the light source used in the lamp. If it is a bulb, you will decide on the power and light color, while in the case of lighting posts with a built-in LED system, plan the arrangement of fixtures in the garden, considering the height of the freestanding lamp, its power, and the beam angle.