Fan Kwadrat FKW-800

Fan Fkw 800 1631264662
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Code FKW-800
Information Maximum bulb size: diameter: 75mm, height: 25.5mm
Main color dark gray / anthracite
Body material aluminum
Diffuser material polycarbonate (PC) white
IP 54
Height 80,0 cm
Width 11,0 cm
Depth 11,0 cm
Light source/socket GX53 bulb
Power 1 x max 11W
Voltage 230V


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The FAN KWADRAT FKW-800 standing lamp is a new addition designed as an alternative to the popular FAN series.

Its elegant and striking form is created by four vertical frames on a square base, with a small downward-facing shade protecting the GX53 socket bulb (bulb not included).

The FAN KW fixture is made from powder-coated aluminum in a dark gray color, making it exceptionally durable and resistant to adverse weather conditions.

This model, standing at 80 cm in height, is ideal for illuminating driveways and larger garden spaces. It can also be effectively used as stylish lighting for commercial, office, and industrial areas.

The FAN KWADRAT series also includes a wall sconce and a 50 cm standing lamp.


For installing this lamp in unpaved areas such as lawns, we recommend using:

  • mini foundation or
  • small foundation.

370.23 PLN
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