Mur-Led Inox C-04

Murpodl 1521552326
Product available
Code C 04
Materials body - stainless steel; frame - stainless steel 304; diffuser - polycarbonate; can - polycarbonate
IP 65
Height 9,5 cm
Width 20,5 cm
Depth 6,5 cm
Source of light 56 x LED, 3,5 W, 230 V
Luminous flux oprawa - 187 lm; moduł LED 415 lm
Colour of light 3000 K



  Declaration of conformity

Mur-Led-Inox C-04 is a rectangular recessed wall light in facades of buildings, walls or fences.

It is installed at low heights, ideally suited for illumination of paths, stairs or ground around the building.

The white lampshade and built-in LED system evenly diffuse light of 3000 K (warm).

99.63 PLN
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