Ster Max Head 1681206076
Product available
Main color dark gray / anthracite
Body material aluminum
Diffuser material polycarbonate (PC) white
IP 65
IK 08
Height 31,7 cm
Diameter 52 cm
Light source/socket integrated LED light source
Power 60W
Voltage 230V
Luminous flux 4500 lm
Colour of light: 4000K


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Ster Max is a modern park fixture that perfectly fits the surroundings of office buildings or residential areas.

The fixture is designed for mounting on poles with a top diameter of 60 mm. Our offer includes the Ster Max lamp along with a 280 cm high steel pole, model STRMAX-3000.

The round lamp head is equipped with a 60W LED light source with a color temperature of 4000K.

The high-quality materials used in its construction, along with protection ratings of IP65 and IK08, ensure the fixture's long-lasting durability.

1,236.15 PLN
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