Retro Maxi Kwadrat K 1018/1/BD KW

K10181bdkw 1531480396
Product available
Code K 1018/1/BD KW
Colours black, patinas (brass, copper, silver, green, antique)
Materials body - die-cast aluminium; glass - "ice" glass
Glass Decorative glass
IP 43
Height 97,0 cm
Width 32,0 cm
Depth 32 cm
Source of light E27, 1 x 100 W, 230 V


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Hanging lamp Retro K 1018/1/BD KW is a stylish luminaire made of aluminum. Attractive, square shape, with a decorative "ice" glass. Perfect for lighting gardens, parks and streets.

Possible to make in 6 colors (black, patina: gold, silver, antique, copper and green).

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