Pabla 4031

4031 1625738812
Product available
Code 4031
Information permissible static load up to 1 ton, dynamic at a speed of 15 km/h - 1.5 tons
Body material aluminum and stainless steel
Diffuser material tempered glass
IP 67
Height 23 cm
Diameter 21,0 cm
Light source/socket E27 bulb
Power 1 x max 75W
Voltage 230V
Colour of light: dependent on the bulb


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PABLA M4031 driveway fixture is a larger version of the popular PABLA 4725B driveway fixture.

The lamp has a high protection rating of IP67, which combined with the materials it is made of (stainless steel, aluminum, tempered glass, polycarbonate) ensures resistance to varying weather conditions and reliable operation for many years.

In the M4031 model with a round shape, the light source is an E27 bulb (not included), allowing you to adjust the power and light color according to your needs. The best choice would be to use a modern and energy-efficient LED bulb.

Pabla lamps are ideal for use as orientation lighting for driveways, pathways, or other objects in the garden.

The fixture is also available in a square version: M4030.

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