Retro Maxi K 4011/1 BD

4011 1524049860
Product available
Code K 4011/1/BD
Main color black
Color optional patinas (brass, copper, silver, green, antique)
Body material aluminum
Diffuser material sandblasted glass
IP 43
Height 65,0 cm
Diameter 30,0 cm
Light source/socket E27 bulb
Power 1 x max 100W
Voltage 230V
Colour of light: dependent on the bulb


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The Retro Maxi K 4011/1/BD is an impressive and sturdy standing lamp with a height of 65 cm, distinguished by its elegant, timeless design. Equipped with frosted glass panes, this lamp combines functionality and aesthetics, creating an atmosphere of luxury and class.

The lamp is perfect for lighting parks, gardens, pathways, alleys, and parking lots. Thanks to its classic design, it seamlessly integrates into the surroundings of a home, business, hotel, or restaurant, highlighting architectural details and adding elegance to any space where it is installed.

The light source is mounted on an E27 socket (1x100W), allowing for flexible adjustment of light power and color to the user's individual preferences. We recommend using energy-efficient LED bulbs, which not only reduce operating costs but are also environmentally friendly.

The lamp is made of high-quality powder-coated aluminum, ensuring resistance to changing weather conditions and a long-lasting, excellent appearance.

The Retro Maxi K 4011/1/BD is available in 6 color variants: basic black and patinas: gold, silver, copper, green, and antique. Each patina is additionally protected with a high-quality clear lacquer, emphasizing the lamp's durability and aesthetics.

For greater flexibility in space arrangement, the Retro Maxi series lamps are available in three height variants: 65 cm, 120 cm, and 170 cm. This allows for customization to diverse needs and styles, creating cohesive and harmonious outdoor lighting.

The Retro Maxi K 4011/1/BD is not only functional lighting but also a stylish decorative element that adds charm and class to any outdoor space.


When installing this lamp in an unpaved area such as a lawn, we recommend using:

a large foundation

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