Rondo II RO-550

Rondo 500 1685954789
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Code RO-550
Information Możliwość zmiany barwy światła na ciepłą, neutralną lub zimną za pomocą przełącznika umieszczonego na oprawie
Main color black
Body material aluminum
Pole material steel and polycarbonate (PC)
Diffuser material polycarbonate (PC) white
IP 65
Height 55,0 cm
Diameter 20 cm
Light source/socket integrated LED light source
Power 12W
Voltage 230V
Luminous flux 1140 lm
Colour of light: 3000K, 4000K, 6000K (can be changed)

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Rondo II RO-550 outdoor lamp post, standing at 55cm in height, is a modern fixture equipped with a built-in, energy-efficient LED light source with a power of 12 W and a strong luminous flux of 1140lm. It features a switch located under the shade, allowing you to adjust the light color to warm (3000K), neutral (4000K), or cool (6000K) white. The same switch can also be used to turn the lamp off.

The high technical parameters of the fixture ensure excellent illumination of the area around the house or company, providing comfortable and safe movement after dark.

The lamp base is made of thermoplastic, the pipe is made of galvanized steel covered with thermoplastic, and the top is crowned with a head made of powder-coated aluminum, equipped with a polycarbonate shade. The fixture boasts a high IP 65 protection rating, and the materials used in production guarantee resistance to adverse outdoor conditions.

Available in three height versions: 105cm, 80cm, 55cm.


For installation of this lamp in an unpaved area such as grass, we recommend using:

  • a small foundation or

  • a large foundation

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